Journal of cultural heritage and history

University of Mostar
Faculty of humanities and Social Sciences
Department of History

For the publisher
Zoran Tomić, rector
Ivica Musić, dean

Croatian Institute of History – Zagreb

For the co-publisher
Gordan Ravančić

Editorial Board
Marina Beus (University of Mostar), Lovorka Čoralić (Croatian Institute of History – Zagreb), Ivica Glibušić (University of Mostar), Božo Goluža (University of Mostar), Dijana Korać (University of Mostar), Ivica Lučić (Croatian Institute of History – Zagreb), Goran Mijočević (University of Mostar), Dijana Pinjuh (University of Mostar), Ivica Šarac (University of Mostar), Jasna Turkalj (Croatian Institute of History – Zagreb), Ante Uglešić (University of Zadar), Ana Zadro (University of Mostar)

Scientific Council
Mladen Ančić (University of Zadar), Rajko Bratož (Ljubljana), Milko Brković (Zadar), Bruna Kuntić-Makvić (University of Zagreb), Davor Marijan (Institute of History – Zagreb), Zlatko Matijević (Zagreb), Miroslav Palameta (Mostar), Dinko Šokčević (Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Budapest), Gianluca Volpi (University of Udine), Petar Vrankić (Augsburg)

Božo Goluža

Executive editor

Dijana Korać

Dijana Pinjuh

Martina Vuletin

Dragana Lasić

Translation of summaries
Anđelka Raguž

Cover page
Miro Raguž

UDK marks
Knjižnica Filozofskog fakulteta Mostar, Sanja Ledić

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Fram-Ziral, Mostar

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The Editorial Board is not responsible for quotations and views given
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